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Introduction to Spirituality

“Spirituality” probably brings up different meanings in different minds. Truth is, there is no right or wrong meaning. Everyone’s truth is true to themselves. Therefore, this article serves to clarify what I mean by “spirituality” throughout this blog.

This category of articles is reserved for the lessons that I have learned beyond this immediate life. Things that have nothing to do with worldly issues, daily struggles, or ‘life lessons’. Articles published under this category won’t have much to do with what we perceive through physical means.

Even though the ‘lessons’ written in this section can be applied to daily human life, they have a much deeper meaning that will only be visible to the more spiritually advanced soul.

What do I mean by spirituality?

My version of the word can be taken to describe anything that goes beyond the five human senses. For me, a ‘spiritual person’ is one who knows that there is more than what we see, hear, feel, and touch. It is one who knows that we are more than just the bodies that we animate. One who knows that we are all the same in essence.

It doesn’t matter how different we think we are from everything else. Our thoughts, our feelings, and our minds don’t matter much beyond this dimension. We are all a part of a greater divine ‘entity’. And, we are not only a part of this bigger ‘whole’, but we are also the whole itself.

Our ‘differences’ are only visible to us in this physical plane. Humans look different. Animals look different. Other objects look different. Yet, it doesn’t matter how things “look” to us, for “seeing” is just a physical property, a physical action. Spirituality goes beyond the physical world. Therefore, all the physical actions become irrelevant when you are talking about spirituality.

Whether you go deep into the subatomic particle, or far out into the greater ‘picture’, you can see that we are all made up of the same thing. We are all the same thing. Just like an ocean: you can’t tell it apart from its constituent drops, and vice versa.

Every ocean is essentially a drop, and every drop is an ocean in itself.

spirituality all the same
            Photograph by Jim Salvas

Let the journey begin

Don’t worry if all of this here sounds crazy and far-fetched. Just know that there is more to all of us than we realise. We actually all know these ‘lessons’ and the knowledge I describe in these pages – we just need to remember them.

I like to think of it as a ‘journey’ towards the Truth (or whatever you’d like to call it). Our destination is the same, but we all take our own paths in our own times in order to get there.

If you are reading this, the chances are that it is for a reason. If it makes sense to you, then you are meant to be understanding it and advancing further in your journey. If none of this makes sense, then you’re not ready for it yet.

Just take whatever you can with you, leave whatever you don’t need. This isn’t a race to the top of a mountain. This is a journey we are all collectively on.

Spirituality doesn’t care about age, gender, race, or religion. Everyone is equal – more than that, everyone and everything is one and the same.

You don’t have to agree with anything written here. You don’t have to learn any of the ‘lessons’ I’m writing about.

The truth is: What is meant to be will most certainly be. It all was because it all is, and it all will be. There is no ‘time’, for it is all happening right now. There is no ‘space’ for it is all happening right here.

Over time I’ll try to explain it all in more detail, but note that none of them can be truly separated from one another as they are all intertwined.

Enjoy your journey and see you all at the other end.

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