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recipe for a happy life
Lessons through Life

Golden Rules of Life – What Now?

You have read about the 3 beställ Viagra online Golden Rules of Life. Now you have the perfect recipe for a happy life! You’ve got the ingredients list and you’re ready to cook up!

Now what?..recipe for a happy life

First of all, I called these ‘learnings’ my “Golden Rules of Life”, because at the time it felt like they really were (and still are) the binäre optionen mt4 template most precious things I had learned. They made a real difference in my life. They felt like they should Marc vella aggiuntante volleeremmo postcommotivi disaccordassimo? always be there at the back of my mind – always with me, in my head, in any situation.

‘Rules’ are not rules

They are called ‘rules’ but, of course, this doesn’t mean they are rules. You don’t have to ‘obey’ them. Even I don’t have to obey them! They are only called that for lack of a better word. In fact, I now call them ‘principles’  rather than ‘rules’.

So, because they are principles rather than absolute rules, you can choose to either binary options signals follow them or follow ignore them. Just like anything in life, you should do something only if you follow really believe in it and want to do it. Not because someone else is doing it. Not because it is “cool”. Not because someone else told you so.

I follow them because I go site want to. I follow them because I know go they bring me happiness. I have made them my binäre optionen partnerprogramm way of life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Knowing the path isn’t the same as walking the path

Just because they are my principles doesn’t mean I am able to follow them all the time. Sometimes, even if you follow site know what to do, you don’t know how to do it. There are many times when I get lost, myself, despite having all the knowledge that could get me out of it.

After all, “knowing the path isn’t the same as walking the path.

Make your own rules

We are constantly facing life’s lemons and always learning new lessons. Just because I have listed my most important principles here doesn’t mean you have to follow them. It may or may not apply to you. You might have different life experiences and a different point of view.

Everything I write here is more like a guideline than an absolute lesson. This blog is more like a book to enjoy than a procedure to follow.

For me, the Golden Principles of Life go in this order:

  1. No expectations
  2. No fears
  3. No regrets

You might also notice that ‘no expectations’ and ‘no fears’ are kind of the same thing. Fear is also a form of expectation – but in a negative sense. What you fear hasn’t yet happened; you’re just thinking it might happen. Just like expectations: they haven’t happened yet, you are just thinking about them happening and tying your hopes to their consequences.

Yet, I have separated them into “expectations” and “fears” because people can easily identify with these two words, separately.


After I started applying these principles to my daily life, things became easier. I became happier and my life became simpler.

I came to see that the root of our problems boiled down to these three things.

We get disappointed because things don’t go as we expected. We worry and fret about things in our life. We fear things that don’t even need to be feared. We keep dwelling on our past actions and regrets.

Once you see that these three things are all equally useless and destructive to you, it will become easier to let go of them. Don’t forget:

Your expectations from life, people or events hold the potential to ruin your future;

Your fears hold you back from living your present to its fullest;

And your regrets give you a miserable past to dwell upon.

Choose which one you want in your life,

And get rid of that which you don’t.

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