Finding spirituality - You don't need to look far
finding spirituality
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Finding Spirituality – You Don’t Need To Look Far

There are many places that are designed to help one find their spirituality. Many ways in which one can achieve an enhanced state. Many people that can guide one towards that path.

But in the end, dating sites by users it doesn’t matter where you go, who you talk to or what you do – true spirituality is found go site within you.

Everyone reading this lives and exists in this go here physical plane. By this ‘physical plane’, I mean this physical world with all the objects, humans, animals and buildings around. I mean all those things that we can see, smell, taste, hear and touch. I mean this dimension full of all the human experiences, human emotions, human feelings and our consciousness. This place where our identity – our ego – exists.

The physical plane is this place where we come to “live” and depart from to “die”.

The physical plane is full of get link illusions – which is another topic in itself. We are so used to living matty and jenna dating in real life with and in those illusions that we no longer realise they are illusions. Everything we create and live; everything we think, feel, ask or believe only exists in our minds, and are only go here as real as we make them.

seeing past illusionsBeing spiritual means being able to speed dating events buffalo see past these illusions. It is knowing that there is something out there: something you can’t comprehend with physical rules or senses;  something that is beyond all. It is knowing that this world is only a very tiny part of something greater… just like a grain of sand on a sandy beach that extends to eternity.

I’m not just talking about the planets, galaxies and the Universe as we know it. I’m talking about other ‘dimensions’, other ‘places’ and other states of existence where logic loses all its meaning and purpose. Being spiritual is being aware of the ‘truth’. It is knowing that all is one and one is all.

Everyone is at a different stage of their spirituality. Some are deeply embedded within the material world and refuse to come out. Some are happy to be where they are and do not seek anything further. Some feel like there is more to this world, but aren’t quite sure how to go about learning it. And some have already managed to escape their minds and egos, and are beyond reach.

There is no right or wrong way of being. Everyone just is, and everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Journey to Finding Spirituality

There are many ways of moving towards spirituality. For some people, this might be going to a church or a spiritual spot that is believed to enhance or help the experience. These locations can help you clear your head and open up a bit more.

Some people find talking to others helpful in terms of opening up to new experiences and seeing things differently.

Some people find spiritual information by altering their state of mind via hallucinogens. This is a method that has been used throughout centuries.

Others find it through their depression when they are at the breaking point. This, again, involves a change in the state of being, which might result in shattering of the ego and of worldly illusions.

Some people, however, are already aware of a lot of things. They are already at an advanced stage of spirituality as a result of spiritual experiences accumulating through their past ‘lives’. They live on this plane to ‘remember’ more and get closer to the state of Oneness.

Yes… Spirituality can be found in many different ways.

However, the most solid, fool proof way of finding it – and making sure it stays – is to find it within yourself.finding spirituality

Where Spirituality Resides

You might be able to find your spirituality through physical locations, people or certain objects. Yet you mustn’t rely on those things to stay in it. They should not be the only way you can feel spiritual.

Because spirituality is about going beyond the physical plane. Therefore, if your state of mind depends on a physical location, a person, or a certain object, that means you are still bound to this physical plane.  This, in turn, means you will never be able to get out of it.

You need to understand that, whenever you’re feeling spiritual, it is actually coming from inside, from within you. The things outside are like catalysts that facilitate your ‘getting there’. You don’t need things from this plane in order to get out of this plane.

Is it possible to lose your spirituality?

I never thought that spirituality was something that could be “lost”. It wasn’t something that could be taken away from me. It was essentially just information that I knew. It was information that I understood. It made sense to me. How could anyone lose an understanding, a belief or a piece of information they already know?

This was until one day, in 2013, I was unable to make ‘sense’ of anything that I used to know.

The information was still there. The experiences were still there. I knew how it all used to make sense to me. I knew I understood it well. Yet I was unable to feel it. I had lost that depth of understanding. I was unable to get back into that state of being.

It was as if all the other dimensions, except for this physical one, had suddenly vanished from existence. I could no longer feel what I used to know.

And it felt depressing.

I tried going to places where I used to feel spiritual. I tried talking to people who used to help me get to that state. Nothing worked permanently. How could it anyway, if my state was dependent on a place or a person? I knew it had to come from within me, regardless of the place, time or people around me.

This lasted for many months. Eventually, I managed to stop getting frustrated and depressed over “losing” my spirituality. Not long after that, I “found” it again.

That was when I knew I hadn’t actually ‘lost’ it in the first place. I was right, originally, in thinking that it wasn’t something I could ‘lose’. All along, it was my own mind that kept over-thinking and questioning, getting further stuck in its own mess. The more I tried to get out, the more I was dragged into it.

Going with the flow

Besides reminding me just how powerful the illusions created by the mind could be, it taught me a lesson I will hopefully never forget. The more you struggle, the more you will get stuck within illusions. Spirituality isn’t reached by struggle. It is a state in which you flow in harmony with the universe. Nothing should feel forced. Nothing should be a struggle – that is when you are not flowing with it.

We do a lot of this ‘going against the current‘. This is why we create all our problems. Life isn’t meant to be a struggle. It is meant to be an event that we observe without getting too involved in it. We are meant to just go with it, not against it.

That’s when life feels like a breeze. That’s when you’re in the flow. And that’s the most spiritual you can be.

go with the flow spirituality

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