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Did you see the giant heart in the sky?

It’s a Tuesday morning and you are on your way to work. It’s a normal day, and everyone is minding their own business. There is nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, within a few seconds, a source url giant heart appears in the blue sky.

Yes, really. You look around and – shockingly – realise that you are the only one who is seeing http://chennaitrekkers.org/"http:/chennaitrekkers.org/2016/02/cesaws-cleaning-plastic-awareness/" the giant white heart that just appeared in the sky!! Nope, it’s not a cloud or a figment of your imagination. It really is a heart shape, purposefully drawn in the sky.

You look around again to ensure it’s just you seeing this phenomenon. Yep. You are the only who realised it. Congratulations.

This happened to me a few days ago. I was on my way to work on the bus, sitting and looking around, minding my own business. Then, in the distance I saw 4 or 5 fighter jets flying. It wasn’t an unusual sight – they do fly around where I work to practice before an event or a show. They were practising various formations. So I started watching them whenever they came into my view.

Two of them started flying upwards, parallel and very close to each other. When they reached the top, they started leaving a white cloud trail behind them. You know those trails – they are sometimes coloured and the pilots can make shapes with them. After a short while, they separated and one of them went left while the other went right. After making a large curve each, they started flying downwards. The trail they left behind sort of looked like a curvy “m” letter.

I thought to myself, surely they can’t be making a heart… I mean, they are source site fighter jets… a ‘heart’ is a bit… cheating after 2 months of dating out of context.

In the next few seconds they disappeared from my view while the bus passed by some trees. When I saw them again, they were already done: opzioni digitali dati macroeconomici a giant white heart against the blue sky. Yep. They had actually made a heart shape! A freaking random, giant heart in the sky. A heart!! How often do you see that?? I mean, here did you see that?!?

heartSo I looked around me on the bus – others must have seen it too. It was kinda hard to miss, considering its size…

But there was no one – absolutely NO ONE – who had seen it. Are you kidding me?

I looked at the heart again. It actually made me smile. It was the most random thing that happened and it was kinda cute. I looked at the people on the bus again. Yep. I really was two prong toggle switch hook up the only one who had realised the GIANT go to site heart in the sky.

Then it reminded me of what had become of the ‘modern day society’: literally glued to their phones, tablets, ipads or whatever electronic gadget they have, not even looking up as they cross the road… Almost every person I see on the street is either texting, WhatsApping, checking Facebook, or playing games. One follow link hardly ever looks up. It’s the follow site norm for everyone’s heads to be down.

Seriously, don’t they even get neck aches?… It’s as if their phones are a portable life support machine. They will die if they stop using it for a few minutes. The only way to ‘kill’ time while walking or taking a bus is to put yourself into a http://www.dalelast.com.au/piskodrele/firyue/1691 virtual world where you are manically touching coloured bricks. Oh no, I lost my winning streak! My whole world is going to crush!…

The meaning of socialising these days...
The meaning of socialising these days…

Even at watch social gatherings or meet ups almost every single person is on their phone playing, surfing, checking Facebook etc… The extent of communication doesn’t go beyond exchanging a few words in real life. “Going out” with friends means going to a café, or a restaurant, and spending time with your eyes fixed on a tiny screen. Or going to the cinema and spending your time staring at a bigger screen.

At none of these social gatherings do you exchange adalat crono 30 mg yan etkileri more than a few sentences with your friends. viagra cheap pills This is the standards of socialising these days. “S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-I-N-G”… The definition of the word must have changed since I last heard it…

So, back to the giant heart in the sky. It was the perfect demonstration of 1 metoclopramide 20 mg how self-absorbed people have become. If they can’t even see a freaking giant heart glaring at them in the sky, then how can you expect them to realise all the small things going on around them? How can you expect them to stop and take a deep, fresh breath and realise that THIS is the real life – not the ‘reality‘ they have created in virtual space. How can you expect them to know how to really live, when they have lost the meaning of “life” behind some buttons? How can they truly be happy when their whole life is dependent on a tiny machine glued to their hands? How can they even see happiness, let alone find it, when they can’t even look up?

Then I knew – it wasn’t them who were out-of-the-ordinary. It was me. After all, it was me who wasn’t stuck in the virtual ‘reality’. It was me who wasn’t ‘killing’ the time I had in my hands. It wasn’t their fault at all. No one these days is supposed to look around and see how life goes on. That isn’t ‘life’! Life is over there, behind that screen! How can anyone think otherwise! Atrocious! Why on earth would anyone wanna look up when they have their lives at their fingertips?

Of course… The anomaly wasn’t that they weren’t looking up… it was that I was.


Here is a video called “Look Up” that has gone viral which takes a similar approach. Enjoy!

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  • Nomaswazi Brenda Mabaso

    Thank you for this lovely inspiring story of a huge heart shaped cloud made by planes up in the sky.

    This reminds me of what I saw on the 19th day of July 2017. As I was driving from a supermarket with my colleagues, I heard a small voice whispering in my ear telling me to look up. I then looked up, amazingly I saw a huge heart shaped cloud as if an Angel of the Lord was spreading out his wings. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I told my colleague to look up and see the wonderful works of God. She also looked up, I had to stop the car at a garage and took my phone so that I could take a picture. I managed to take a picture, it makes me happy to know that God really loves me.

    Its good to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, God communicates with us in different ways. I am very happy!!😊

  • Cheri Mello

    AMEN ♥♥♥!!!! I KNOW it’s Him!!!👍 It Does
    Tickle me to Feel SO LOVED! Unconditionally. .BUT I bought a figtree and it was really little And on clearance. I had it awhile and I said Where did this white heart in the tree trunk come from? It was like G♥D put it there!! Then I kept having heart leaves on it 😊 That had been 34 years ago And the Tree IS HUGE!!! People come in and ask if it is a “real tree”But now I see White Hearts And Sometimes Other colors BUT I KNOW G♥D IS With ME ♥♥♥

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