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Everything is Connected: A nice documentary

Last night I watched a great documentary that made me keep nodding and agreeing furiously throughout. I thought, “Yes! This is it! This is what I’m talking about in “Life Major”!” I had finaly found something that could help me explain it better.

The documentary, called “I Am”, explains really well how everything is connected beyond what we can see through our own eyes in this physical plane. It also shows how science is finally starting to catch up with the ‘truth’.

We are not just human bodies existing in this plane. We are not even ‘separate’ from one another. And it’s not just humans that are connected: it is all the living beings, everything around us that are mysteriously connected together – as if we were a single living consciousness (which I call the ‘Divine’).

Here is the full video that can be found on YouTube. Enjoy!

“I Am”

Special thanks to Satish and Me Lovie for sharing the video with me.

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