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Do you suffer from Chronic Bitchface Syndrome?

For those who haven’t heard, opzioni binarie iq Chronic Bitchface Syndrome, or the ‘ Bitchy Resting Face‘, is when someone’s neutral or resting face (one without any emotions) looks like they are very angry, bitchy or sad – permanently.

Are you one of those unlucky souls? I am!

I always thought I had a normal resting face. Whenever I wasn’t interacting with someone, I had this neutral face on. It was the face that happened when I wasn’t using any of the muscles on my face to create an expression. After all, using your facial muscles click here all the time becomes really tiring after a while. I thought I looked normal. I felt normal.

… that was until one day, when one of my friends pointed it out to me.

I was 14. I had just started high school and was taking the school bus to school. I was one of the first few to get picked up, and sitting at the front near the door, I could easily see and interact with everyone who boarded after me. It was a good opportunity to make new friends – and lots of them. A smile should do the trick.

Every day, throughout the journey, whenever anyone boarded, I put on a nice face. It wasn’t a grinning face, but at least I smiled – albeit subtly. I looked happy. I looked expectant. I looked approachable. I acted nice. That’s how I really felt like. I wanted to make friends, so I put on a click friendly face.

…only to find out that all of these happened rencontre homme serieux exclusively in my mind.

No wonder people never approached me. When one brave soul finally sat beside me, I was really happy. After exchanging a few words, we started chatting. Not long after becoming friends, she finally told me: “You know, when I first saw you I thought you were a very cold and distant person. Maybe a bit arrogant as well.”

I was shocked. All this time I had been click here smiling. All this time I had been putting follow url a lot of effort into looking approachable. All this time I was looking and acting binУЄre optionen testen friendly… and none of that ever showed on my face??!

That’s when I learned that my “neutral” face looked completely different than what I thought I was projecting. Being the quiet and shy person that I was didn’t help either, of course. I thought I was warm and friendly – but instead I looked free dating sites for over 40 australia cold and distant. Unfriendly. Unapproachable. On top of that, arrogant. Yikes.

Now it makes sense when people look at me and say “What’s wrong?”

Uhhh… nothing?

“Be happy! Why do you look like you’re not enjoying yourself?”

Whaaa- but I am!


ugh… this is tiring…

It really is is trileptal used for bipolar disorder tiring to make an effort (an actual flonase otc cost physical effort) to keep smiling all day long – not to mention it feels faked. I would love to look like I’m not about to kill everyone in my sight. I would love to look happier, more cheerful, or at least more normal when I feel completely normal. But, alas, this is my ginseng buyers in southern ohio resting face and I’m afraid we’re both stuck with it.

Even though, over the years, I have learned to live with it and I probably don’t have the worst resting face there is, it suffices to say that it still affects one’s life and how they are perceived by other people.

So, people: I am smiling and happy! No, I don’t look like I’m pissed off at something. I am not thoughtful or worried. And I am NOT depressed. Neither am I sad!

 I am just resting my face!


Enjoy this video that explains the Bitchy Resting Face & the Resting Asshole Face with real life examples:


  Do you have a troublesome resting face? 

 How do you deal with it? Share your stories by commenting below!

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  • Alaa

    I have a bitchy resting face and I haven’t realized that till today. That’s why I start searching to find how can I deal with it 😀
    My story is almost like yours but it happened at the work bus. Every morning I try to put a smile on my face before getting into the bus but today someone, I have never talked to before, started chatting and at the end of the conversation he told me that he was afraid of me because I always look angry and mad, I was really shocked because I thought that I look very friendly.
    What I will try to do, is to think about something that makes me happy instead of walking with an empty mind, hope that this help! 😀
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Lanadora

      Haha, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one! I think these days I’m beginning to accept that my face is the way it is when I’m not making an effort into putting on a smile (it gets VERY tiring at times!). Sometimes I even think that it makes me “cool” in a “dangerous-looking-badass way”! Lol.

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