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Lessons through Life

You know you are wasting your life if…

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  • If you spend many hours of the day glued to a screen for “entertainment”
  • If you spend more than an hour a day online, virtually doing nothing
  • If the majority of your day is spent on the social media, doing things of no substantial value
  • That is, if you are living your life on the social media rather than out there on Earth; Society

  • If taking a picture of your food is more important than enjoying its taste
  • If your idea of socialising is spending your time on your mobile device while out with friends
  • If what you wear is dictated by what others think
  • If you are constantly trying to change yourself to fit in with the ‘crowd’, rather than being who you want to be
  • If you are doing something because it’s “cool” or “in fashion”, and not because you really want it
  • Or, if you are doing most of what you do because you ‘have to’, ‘must’, ‘should’ or ‘ought to’
  • If you are living your parents’ or other people’s dreams, but not your own;

At work

  • If you are trading your time and health to earn a little bit more money
  • If getting up in the morning for work always feels like a drag
  • If you are more stressed than you are happy
  • If you are in a job that you don’t enjoy
  • And if your work is making you feel depressed, yet you are doing nothing about it; Relationships

  • If you are stuck in a relationship that is doing you no good, and you know it
  • If your happiness is dependent on another person
  • If you always need others – mentally and emotionally – to get you started or to keep you going

Within yourself

  • If you are not being true to yourself
  • If you let your fears, worries and your mind determine what you can and cannot do
  • If you are not Day trading platform mac living every moment of your life (and “living” is not just existing)
  • If you are not doing when is a good time to start dating after having a baby what you truly want to do
  • If you are not satisfied or happy with your life, and are doing nothing to change it
  • If you are always complaining about something or the other, yet not doing anything about it
  • If you are not where you want to be, and if you think you are forever stuck there
  • If you cannot remember the last time you had a good time
  • If you are not enjoying yourself at least once a day, whatever you are doing
  • If you gave up on yourself
  • If you gave up on your dreams and things you want to do
  • If you believe you cannot achieve your dreams and decide settle for less
  • If you are constantly putting up barriers around, and limits on, yourself
  • If you are being lazy because you think you will get the chance to “do it later”;

And finally…

  • When you look back at your life decades later, if you can see that you have not at all lived it;

Then, my friend, you are site rencontre 76 wasting your life.

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