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Lessons through Life

The “Perfect” Life and 1>dresda autos There is nothing more empowering, more satisfying, – more “perfect” – than living your life knowing yourself and being yourself.

go site Because, when you know site de rencontre musulman chiite who you are, you don’t need others to tell you who you should be like, how you should behave, or how you should feel. When you know who you are, you don’t need others’ opinions of you – because those opinions truly don’t matter.

enter When you know enter site what you want, you don’t feel the need to do what everyone else is doing. You don’t feel the need to follow others’ lives or seek their opinions. Everyone will always have their opinions on what one should and should not do. That doesn’t mean that that’s also the right way for you.

dating agency izle asya fanatikleri When you know flirten mit wassermann frau why you do what you do, you no longer feel the need to “validate” yourself. You don’t feel the need to compare your life with others’ just to find something that’ll make you feel better about yourself. You don’t feel the need to compete with others. Because it truly doesn’t matter how anyone else is doing. Because it truly doesn’t have an impact on how you live your own life.

And when you are living your life truly being yourself, that’s when it starts to feel like the “perfect” life.

The perfection here is not so much about the physical life itself. It’s not “amazing things happening in your life”, or “having everything you could have ever wanted”, or even “everything going exactly the way you wanted it”.

The perfection I’m talking about is more partnersuche 50 plus internal.

At a deeper level, when you achieve the state of being at peace with yourself is the moment your life feels “perfect”. That is the blissful state of “happiness” – for lack of a better word. That’s when you are truly content. That’s when you are truly at peace. That’s when you are free of all burdens and judgements of the society.

And there is no feeling more satisfying… more “perfect”… than that.

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