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I am grateful.

source url I don’t know where to start, for I am grateful to the Universe for so many things… but, here it goes:

binäre optionen app test I am grateful for coming to this life, once again, to live and learn what I still need to learn. No matter how many times you decide to send me back, I will accept it all over again.

see I am grateful for the life you sent me in to. It would have been very tough in the beginning, but I don’t remember. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the start that I was given in this life.

sites de rencontres gratuites au cameroun I would say I am grateful for all the great, nice, happy, etc. things you have given me – but more than that, I want you to know that I’m really grateful for go to site all the bad, as well. I am grateful for the pain you put me through. I am grateful for the tough years you gave me. Since childhood, I knew I was sent what you knew I could take. Hence, I rarely questioned “Why? Why me?”.

I am grateful for the family I have, the friends I made, and the amazing people I came to know throughout this life… and I’m also grateful for the people go to site who made my life hell, who brought me down, and who tripped me up.

motilium sirop 1 mg Oh – I am also grateful for the living things you brought to me that weren’t human. They were the ones that truly made my life. When I felt sad, they were there. When I felt happy, they were there. When I was alone, they were the only ones there.

preço tofranil 25 mg I am grateful, not only for the those you brought into my life, but also for those chat hombres solteros con dinero you took away from me – because, I am grateful for the opportunity to go through such tough experiences… and the pain… and the sorrow. Yes, it sucked at the time, and I hurt, and I hated it… but don’t take it the bad way, Universe. It was never against you. Deep down, I knew it would make me stronger. I knew you had sent it to me knowing full well where it would lead. I never expressed this before, but I am grateful for all those tears, the sorrow, and the pain. I believe that they gave me strength and resolve, and prepared me for more to come in the life ahead.

effets secondaires risperdal 1mg I am grateful for the lowest points of my life, for all the bad days, and even for the days I wished I was dead… I am grateful, because those are the days that brought me here. Those are the days that made me who I am today.

I am grateful for the highest points in my life, as well – but more than that, I am truly sorry that I never expressed this gratitude before. I should have. I took a lot of things for granted. I hope you can forgive me.

I am grateful for the opportunities I was given, whether I took notice of them or not. I am grateful for the lessons I learned, and still continue to learn. I am grateful for all my wins and losses; for all my circumstances; for all the places you have sent me to – physical, mental or emotional.

I don’t know how else to express this, but I am truly http://fhlchristianministries.org/?encycloped=Merrill-lynch-stock-trading-review&49d=52 grateful for every single moment of this life, and for every single thing you have sent to make this life the way it was supposed to be.

I am sorry that we, as humans, binäre optionen und cfd take everything for granted. We don’t trust you enough to let things be. We reject, we refuse, we forget. We are ungrateful and we feel entitled. Well, that must be why we keep coming here over and over again.

Anyway. Long overdue: Professional Wine Storage. Sudan borderemmo Broker iq option Dero settemvirato tracagnotto http://www.prestatraining.com/anys/brokoli/479 I am grateful.

And I would like to let you know that, I am – and will always be – ready to accept whatever else you see fit to send to me.

Thank you in advance.

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